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About Us

AllPro Vector Group is committed to providing full service distribution to vector control and public health departments worldwide.

Our production facility in St Joseph, MO comprises 140,000 sq ft of manufacturing and 200,000 sq ft of warehousing and distribution. The sales, marketing, regulatory affairs and administration functions are based in our offices in Northville, Michigan. AllPro also maintains field support in North Carolina and Florida with highly trained and knowledgeable staff that can provide technical support not only for our products, but general vector control operations as well. In the Western states, we have proudly partnered with Target Specialty Products and Van Diest Supply Company for sales, distribution and technical support.

Our mission is to develop and formulate the most environmentally responsible, cost effective and efficacious product line for the protection of public health and the enhancement of comfort. AllPro will earn the trust of our customers and suppliers through friendship, hard work and truthfulness. We pledge to stay focused on servicing the needs of our customers and delivering the best products at the best price.