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Aqualuer is an environmentally considerate, orange oil based, water dilutable adulticide containing 20.6% Permethrin and 20.6% Piperonyl butoxide. Unlike other water dilutable products, Aqualuer forms a fine microemulsion that will not separate in the spray tank upon mixing with water. This pleasant smelling formulation tolerates a wide variety of storage and use conditions, from cold to hot, dry to humid. Aqualuer has been widely tested and used by mosquito control districts nationwide since its introduction in 2006.

Available in 1-gal, 2.5-gal, 30-gal, 55-gal and 275-gal totes





Evoluer products are traditional oil-dilutable mosquito adulticides containing the proven chemistry combination of Permethrin and the synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO). Permethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide, a synthetic form of natural permethrum. While PBO by itself does not have pesticidal activity, it does enhance the effectiveness of Permethrin by reducing the insects ability to defend itself from the active ingredient.

Tried and true, the combination of Permethrin and PBO equals results. Evoluer controls a broad spectrum of mosquitoes, biting and non-biting midges, black flies, and other public health pests. Evoluer offers a choice in time-tested, cost effective Permethrin.


4-4 ULV         Label/SDS

30-30 ULV     Label/SDS

31-66 ULV     Label/SDS

Available sizes: 2.5-gal, 30-gal, 55–gal and 275-gal totes



Envion is a water dilutable concentrate containing 2.52 lbs Permethrin and 2.52 lbs Piperonyl butoxide per gal. Diluting with water saves on unnecessary mineral oil being sprayed into the environment. Envion does not phase or separate once in solution with water, so what's in the top of the spray tank is the same as what is in the bottom for uniform spray throughout the tank.

Mosquito control districts get the cost advantage of a concentrate and do not have to purchase, stock and mix costly diluent oils.


Available sizes: 2.5-gal, 30-gal, 55-gal and 275-gal totes.



Envion RTU is a water based, ready-to-use mosquito adulticide containing .33 lbs Permethrin and .33 lbs Piperonyl butoxide per gallon. Water based means no unnecessary oil being sprayed into the environment. Cost effective and efficacious.


Available sizes: 2.5-gal, 30-gal, 55-gal and 275-gal totes



Sustain MBG is a biological larvicide containing 400 ITU per milligram of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti). Now labeled for pre-flood application with rates from 5-20 lbs per acre.

Bti ha been used by mosquito control professionals for over 30 years with a proven track record of low environmental impact due to its specificity to mosquito, midge and certain fly larvae. No resistance to Bti has ever been recorded in the field owing to having four protein toxins each of which have shown mortality in larvae. Bti also has very low mamallian toxicity with LD50 values over 30,000 mg/kg in both oral and dermal studies.

Click here to view field trial data. Sustain Trials Bi Fold